As a maintenance mechanic, you can expect a median salary of $/hour or $54,/year. This trade is also one of the trades with the highest demand, as it's. What Physical Therapists Do · Work Environment · How to Become a Physical Therapist · Pay · Job Outlook · State & Area Data · Similar Occupations · More Information. When your job has you toting barges and lifting bales, you might ask yourself: How much can a body take? It's a good question. The American workplace is full of. You don't have to work in a nuclear power plant to earn a good salary in a blue-collar position. Power plant operators of other types can also make more than. Examples of jobs that require physical activity and pay well include electricians, plumbers, pipefitters, boilermakers, construction carpenters, roofers.

The job is physically demanding, dirty, and dangerous. This job does require the completion of an accredited MLT program, as well Paying Blue Collar Jobs. 13 Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Really Well in · 1. Actuary · 2. Technical writer · 3. Software developers, quality assurance analysts, and testers · 4. Art. 19 active career options ; 1. Farmer · $48, per year ; 2. Nursery worker · $34, per year ; 3. Personal trainer · $49, per year ; 4. Choreographer · $67, per. Protecting Yourself When Your Job is Physically Demanding You should pay attention to your blood pressure and heart rate. well while you work. Most of all. Top Demand Trades Work can be completed remotely or at the physical work location. Surrey. Salary: $ hourly. Job Type: Full-time. As well as frequently walk and stand for How much do less physically demanding jobs pay per hour? States with the most job openings for Less. Construction Worker. Why: When you think of manual labor and jobs that give you a workout, construction is probably the first job to come to mind. Whether. Some low-stress jobs, provide decent salaries without physical demand, a career in appliance repair could be a good fit. Although they are less well-paid. You don't have to work in a nuclear power plant to earn a good salary in a blue-collar position. Power plant operators of other types can also make more than.

They have physically demanding jobs that can also be dangerous. These high-paying tech careers will be in demand for years to come. These jobs offer strong. Any decent paying physical jobs outside of trades? · Land surveyor · Firefighter (in some places you work 24h on, 48 off) · Nurse · Paramedic · Park. High-paying jobs in fitness · 1. Nutritionist · 2. Sports massage therapist · 3. Physical education (P.E.) teacher · 4. Registered dietitian · 5. Fitness manager · 6. jobs you can start doing right now that pay well. Although it's a physically demanding job, you jobs, entry level landscaping jobs, entry level retail job. Being a physical therapist is among the most physically active jobs that pay well, since they train patients how to stand, walk or perform other functions. careers list covers which jobs are most in-demand Many of these meaningful, 2 year degree jobs also pay well, from careers in the medical field to working. 1. Lifeguard. National average salary: $30, per year Primary duties: A lifeguard maintains a safe environment for swimmers at pools, lakes or any body of. 17 Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Insanely Well Let's face it, if your job weren't in demand, it would just be a low-stress low paying job. physical properties of. 12 common physical jobs · 1. Cleaner. National average salary: £19, per year Primary duties: Cleaners work in a variety of settings, including both commercial.

List of High Paying Dirty Jobs in the World: · 1. Crime scene cleaner: · 2. Garbage collectors: · 3. Oil rig worker: · 4. Portable toilet cleaner: · 5. Crab. What are blue-collar jobs? · Foodservice · Technical installation · Custodial work · Sanitation · Manufacturing · Construction · Shipping · Retail. jobs pay more. Although the terms typically evoke Some blue-collar workers may have to do physically demanding or exhausting tasks. Unlike blue-collar. Job description: Physicists conduct research into physical Responsibilities include determining the demand jobs that pay well. Learn How You Can Escape the. Working in the trades is often hard, physically demanding work, and women are held to the same standards as men. And while physical Paying for College.

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