Benjamin Franklin had a prolific career and was heavily invested in his community. His status as a newspaperman gave him far-reaching access and influence. Benjamin Franklin was America's scientist, inventor, politician, philanthropist and business man. He is best known as the only Founding Father who signed. His father was a chandler (someone who makes candles and soap). Ben had sixteen brothers and sisters and was the youngest boy in the family. Young Ben had very. Benjamin Franklin, the most distinguished scientific and literary American of the colonial era, was the first American diplomat. Benjamin Franklin. Franklin. Benjamin Franklin was a man of many jobs. From a young age, he worked hard and throughout his life found himself as a scientist, inventor, philanthropist, and.

Benjamin Franklin (January 17, – April 17, ) was an American statesman, Founding Father, and scientist. He has also been known as "the First. Franklin was ambitious, hardworking, and trustworthy. Printing is an industry with high capitalization costs, so Franklin needed support to get set up on his. Franklin found work as an apprentice printer. He did so well that the governor of Pennsylvania promised to set him up in business for himself if young Franklin. Join our team to experience our momentum from the inside. Working with Ben literally means working to change the world, by collaboratively supporting the. Answer and Explanation: Benjamin Franklin had a variety of jobs, at least six that we can count. He was an author and printer who owned his own printing shop. In doing so, he broke his apprenticeship, making him a fugitive. While in Philadelphia, Franklin found work as a printer and began making connections, including. Died: April 17, , Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ; Occupation: Printer, author, scientist and inventor, politician, diplomat, postmaster general ; Major Political. This venture began when he wrote a series of articles in the Pennsylvania Gazette discussing his belief that there was a need for better fire prevention methods. Franklin was largely self-taught in science-as he was in other subjects-but this does not mean that he was uneducated. He had rigorously studied the science of. In , he became the first postmaster general of the United States. What did Benjamin Franklin invent? Benjamin Franklin's. Benjamin Franklin's Contributions to the American Revolution as a Diplomat in France work of Franklin. But this much we do know--that Franklin was never.

Inventor. Diplomat. Scientist. Entrepreneur. Catalyst. Benjamin Franklin was quite a busy man. In his 84 years, he invented, discovered and improved many of. Having accumulated a modest fortune, Franklin retired at age 42 and turned to politics. Between and , Franklin was Pennsylvania's agent in London. The most lucrative “little job” of all was printing paper money, and from on Franklin was the printer of all the money issued by Pennsylvania, New Jersey. At forty-three years old, he was a savvy entrepreneur. In , he had set up a printing house where he published several different newspapers, printed hundreds. A chronology of key events in the life of Benjamin Franklin (), statesman, publisher, scientist, and diplomat. Franklin was getting tired of London and printing jobs did not pay enough to save for his journey back. He took employment with Thomas Denham, a Quaker. Franklin served on the Committee of Five that was tasked with drafting the Declaration of Independence. Born in Boston in as the tenth son of a soapmaker, Benjamin Franklin began his career as an apprentice in his brother's printing business. CAREER BEFORE THE CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION. Franklin was the tenth son of a Massachusetts soap and candle maker. Largely self-taught, Franklin displayed an.

Franklin was largely self-taught in science-as he was in other subjects-but this does not mean that he was uneducated. He had rigorously studied the science of. Franklin held numerous political positions throughout his service to colonial America. He was the Deputy Postmaster General of North America from until. Besides his skills as a printer and a writer, Franklin had many civic interests. In Philadelphia, he involved himself with public welfare, fire-fighting. There, he has trouble finding work and thus moves to Philadelphia. This photo depicts a grid-like map of the city of Philadelphia. Upon his arrival to. When Benger's health failed, Franklin lobbied the British for the job of In any age, in any place, Franklin would have been great. 1 Benjamin Franklin was.

Benjamin Franklin was a writer, publisher, scientist, inventor and diplomat. He discovered many of the laws governing the use of electricity and created several. Benjamin Franklin had many jobs throughout his life. He was a printer, publisher, author, inventor, scientist, and diplomat. That's impressive. A Philadelphia printer, Keimer give Franklin his first job after the young man arrived in Philadelphia nearly penniless. Franklin twice worked for Keimer, whom. Franklin also established the new United States Post Office. But it was his role as minister to France from to that highlighted his long public career. Franklin was the only man to help shape all of the the major documents that established the United States. The payoff document is a copy of the Joseph Duplessis.

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